At HomeFlower, we believe that consumers should never regret the money they spend, especially our customers who have purchased various products from us. Our unique Customer Service is a result of our continuous efforts to please our customers, and to ensure that they are satisfied at all times, even long after their purchase.
The department has its own workshop and spare parts warehouse to handle overhauling, storage, and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Our teams undergo regular training in technical aspects, customer relations and product handling, and are fully qualified to handle their respective areas of expertise. All products sold at our brand shops carry a one year warranty, and most items are capable of being serviced by our teams, at full-fledged service centers located around the country.

Our Customer Service is the only one of its kind in Nigeria and has been recognised widely by awards from national and international authorities, making it the number one of its kind in the country. It ranks very high with our customers who continue to applaud its availability, infrastructure, and offerings.

Directly supervised by technical managers
Staffed by more than 150 technicians and sales people
Each team with fully-equipped mobile service vans, and dedicated drivers
Serving the length and breadth of Nigeria